A Struggle with the IRS

Tax Exempt Status

In May of 2021, we received a phone call from the Omaha Community Foundation about our tax-exempt status. A donor wanted to designate a gift to us, but OCF could not verify our standing. And, as we investigated further, it was true that we did not appear on the tax-exempt list. However, we did not appear on the revocation list, either. For many months we used every means at our disposal to figure out what had happened – phone calls to the IRS went on hold for hours, and then disconnected. Registered letters were sent, received, but not acknowledged. We worked through Don Bacon’s office, the Douglas County Tax Advocate, with our CPA via a special phone access line, and personal phone calls from REO.

Unable to accept gifts or solicit donations, we were running out of money. In September of 2022, we anticipated a vote by the Board of Directors to dissolve REO.

Fortunately, before that drastic decision was made, we received a letter from the IRS stating, “We erroneously placed you on our auto-revocation list.”  Below is a link to the letter.

IRS Response Letter Aug2022

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