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The McCaffrey Building at 420 South 18th Street is threatened with demolition!

Download this flyer to learn more. Info & Action Flyer – The McCaffrey Building

Recently, Douglas County officials unveiled a plan to purchase and demolish a four-story, 1920 brick building at 18th and Howard Streets just northwest of the Flatiron Hotel for a new juvenile justice facility. With eminent domain letters in hand, county officials want to take this building away from the current owner, a preservationist dedicated to saving the building and converting the empty space into loft apartments. Not only do county officials seek to violate property and individual ownership rights, they also hope to raise taxes to pay for their plan. There are other options. Just across the street are empty parking lots; to the west of the proposed site, we have heard the current owner of the YMCA would love to sell the property.

Take a few minutes to call or email your elected Douglas County Commissioner. Let them know you support keeping the 18th and Howard building, pursuing an alternate option for a juvenile justice facility and keeping our downtown’s historic fabric intact. Don’t know your commissioner? Type your address in here and call or email to voice your support.

Together, let’s show that the county cannot bully property owners and destroy our historic downtown buildings.

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District 1
Mike Boyle

District 2
James Cavanaugh

District 3
Chris Rodgers

District 4
P.J. Morgan

District 5
Marc Kraft

District 6
Mary Ann Borgeson

District 7
Clare Duda


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