Committees & Task Forces


Advocacy Committee

Committee Chair: Adam Sitzmann

This committee is restructuring into task forces. Areas of work include identifying historic properties that may be vulnerable to demolition; identifying historic properties suitable for adaptive reuse or restoration, establishing a Preservation History Club to engage, educate, and entertain people interested in the historical heritage of Omaha and our region and state.

Education Committee

Committee Chair: Nicole Malone

This committee organizes the Restore Nebraska Conference, the Fall Neighborhood Tour, the Online Resource Directory and walking tours of the South 24th, North 24th and Vinton Street commercial areas. The committee meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at The Architectural Offices, 4610 Dodge St.


  • Nicole Malone, Nebraska Historical Preservation Conference Chair
  • Nicole Malone & Beth Feltus, 2018 Historic Neighborhood Tour Chairs 
  • Vince Furlong, Walking Tour Chair
  • Judy Alderman
  • Mary Darling
  • Chris Foster
  • Kristine Gerber
  • Heather Hoyt
  • Deb Peterson 
  • Michelle Jackson Triplet
  • Teri Watson
  • Trina Westman


Invigoration Committee

Committee Chair: Looking for a Great Leader!

This committee helps keep our followers up-to-date on what’s happening in our community through social media, website, newsletters, and public events, and member events.


  • Adam Andrews
  • Adrian Hernandez
  • Amanda DeBoer-Bartlett
  • Marianna Foral
  • Teresa Gleason 
  • Molly Hobson 
  • Nathan King
  • Brent Lubbert
  • Quentin Lueninghoener
  • Ryan Reed
  • Gary Rosenberg
  • Davina Schrier
  • Kylie Von Seggern


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