You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around REO lately (our tremendous Fall Tour
notwithstanding, click here for photos). This is not because we haven’t been hard at work. We have! We
have been busy behind the scenes preparing the organization for something very exciting.
Since our beginning in 2013, we have made a significant impact within this community. This was possible
due to the work and passion of a single staff person, our founding Executive Director, and a mighty and
indispensable volunteer workforce. However, we have discovered it is not sustainable to continue like
this forever. So, over the past six months we have been working on a strategic plan. I would like to share
two of our goals with you.

For starters, a larger staff is essential. A staff of one cannot handle all the demands of the job.
Throughout the year REO conducts tours, conferences, and events; we provide services in historical
designation and keep an eye on urban development topics; and we regularly explore new suggestions,
answer property owner questions, and work to protect the historical and cultural places that matter. To
be more efficient and effective, we plan to spread these responsibilities across several new positions.

Our second goal (which may seem obvious) is the crux of our success. We need to enlarge our annual
operating funds by acquiring income that is steady and reliable. We have made preservation a
conversation in our city, but we have a long way to go to making it a priority. In order to do so we need
to move from a fledging non‐profit with a small budget to a solid organization with money in the bank.
To that end, we are just about ready to kick‐off a funding campaign of great consequence to help us
build on the shoulders of our past success.

I have been working with Restoration Exchange Omaha for quite some time now. Year in and year out, I
have seen the dedication of our membership and how you support our voice in the community. It
invigorates me every time! I hope that all of you can continue to sustain us as we move through this
process and emerge stronger and more prepared to take on the challenges we face.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Adam Andrews, REO Board President

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