Welcome to In The News, a place where Restoration Exchange can share the headlines related to restoration and preservation progress in the metro. Below, read Cindy Gonzalez’s article from the Omaha World-Herald about the technology company Flywheel’s planned move to a redeveloped industrial tract in the north downtown area.

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“Tech company Flywheel is moving to planned $300 million development in north downtown”

By Cindy Gonzalez / Omaha World-Herald

A home-grown tech company is the first announced tenant of a $300 million redevelopment project expected to bring new life and business back to an old industrial tract of north downtown Omaha.

Flywheel, which helps customers build, launch and manage WordPress websites, is to move into 1½ floors of the cavernous Ashton warehouse at 1218 Nicholas St. by summer of 2020.

Renovation of the Ashton for Flywheel and other creative office-users and retailers launches a broader project that is to transform several historic buildings and warehouses in a six-block area generally bounded by 11th, 13th, Izard and Seward Streets.

The neighborhood is dubbed Millwork Commons, a nod to the crafts and trades of an earlier era.

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