Restoration Exchange Omaha would like to thank all members who have joined or renewed for the 2016 year through March 25, 2016. We are especially thankful to the following, who have contributed at the $150 level or higher:

Pillar ($500)

Tom and Lisa Leise

Steve and Deborah Martines, R Mechanical HVAC & Boilers

Royce Maynard, Dicon Corporation

Alley Poyner Macchietto, Inc


Cornerstone ($250)

Maureen Egermier, RME Properties Inc.

Martin Janousek

Mick Manley Insurance

Beth Richards and Sharon Olson, Minne Lusa House

Deb and Eric Peterson


Front Porch ($150)

Jo Anne Amoura

Tom and Mary Cold

Mike and Roselyn Fisk, Bella Vita Bldg.

Roger and Joyce Fitch

Amy and Sanford Friedman

Vince and Joni Furlong

Jared and Kristine Gerber

Teresa Gleason, Polecat Communications

Dr. R. Michael and Kathy Gross

Larry Jacobsen, AIA

Rick Leeds

Carrie and Ed May

Mary Minturn

Mary and Richard Parrish

Jean Ann Ballinger and Ward  Peters

Deb and Neal Ratzlaff

John Royster, Big Muddy Workshop, Inc.

Shirley Siebler

Amy Jacobsen and David Ulferts

Marvin Webb, AIA, Webb & Co. Architects

Jason Zipse, Renaissance Roofing, Inc.

Cramer Kreski Designs


Corporate Community Partner ($150)

Aaron and Tracy Bartek, Traco, Inc.

Todd Heistand, Nustyle Development Corp.

Caroline Hinrichs, BVH Architects

Larry Jensen, SL Jensen Construction

J.J. Kortan, RONCO

Betty and Derrel Neufeld

Don Rowe, Millard Lumber, Inc.

Eyman Pulmbing, Inc.

Craig Moore, Western Specialty Contractors

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