Restoration Exchange Omaha (REO) is fast becoming the premier regional preservation force dedicated to educating and motivating the public on the restoration, preservation and adaptive reuse of older homes and properties.

If you haven’t joined the cause or renewed your membership for 2016, please take the time to do so. With the recent fire at M’s Pub and the threatened buildings at 11th and Douglas, your membership is more important than ever. The beloved buildings of Omaha’s history will disappear without the concerted effort and solidarity of people united through Restoration Exchange Omaha.

Your support has empowered REO to deliver inspirational tours showcasing historic homes and commercial properties in Omaha-area neighborhoods. Memberships help REO present the annual Restore Omaha conference featuring expert presentations, hands-on training and helpful exhibits. We’ve created an online “Restoration Repository” of craftsmen, products, resources and services.

Your membership in REO also provides you with exclusive benefits: a considerable discount to attend the upcoming Restore Omaha conference, members-only tours of current restoration projects, and discounts on neighborhood tours. Choose from a variety of levels for personal or corporate funding.

To join or renew online or to download the Restoration Exchange Membership form click here.

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