Unmaintained vacant lots are eyesores anywhere but are especially prevalent east of 72nd Street in Omaha. However, effective, purposeful use of these properties will benefit the surrounding community. When an individual or neighborhood creates a use for these lots and provides upkeep for them, there are a variety of financial, social and community benefits.


An excellent new tool to help in the process was created by Verdis Group and the City of Omaha’s Planning Department. The Vacant Lot Tool Kit provides a 40-page, step-by step guide to transform a trash-filled eyesore to a productive and beautiful property

This toolkit is a planning and decision-making guide for gathering basic information to create a plan for a vacant lot. It also provides examples and inspiration of what could be done with a vacant lot. While this toolkit focuses on community uses, the sections on lot clean up and stabilization, landscape design, and infrastructure also apply to private use.

This toolkit provides examples of what can be done with a vacant lot and what to consider when designing a plan for the vacant lot. A budget worksheet is provided at the end of this toolkit to assist in estimating costs. You can view the Tool Kit or download a pdf athttp://www.cityofomaha.org/planning/hcd/images/stories/pdfs/VLT%20Reduced.pdf

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