On January 21 the state announced $6 million in Nebraska Historic Tax Credits to 11 projects in the Omaha area.

They include:

The Flatiron                            1722 St. Mary’s Ave.               $985,755

Mayfair Apartments              2222 Howard St                      $390,642

Restored Hope                        2316 Howard St.                     $57,332

Dewey Avenue Rowhouses   2301-2321 Dewey Ave.           $381,289

Forrest Apartments                2211 Howard St.                     $879,071

Longfellow Apartments          2215 Howard St.                     $906,233

Bosworth Apartments            2217 Howard St.                     $392,335

Barlett Apartments                 2227 Howard St.                     $251,029

2235 Howard St.                     $76,563

Burlington Station                   1001 South 10th St.                $1,000,000

H. Thiessen Pickle Co.            3101 South 24th St.                $668,700

Recently Restoration Exchange also heard the Hupmobile Building and the Turner Park  Apartments are approved. For more information check out the GIS map on the Nebraska Historic Tax Credit webpage.


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