Webster Telephone Exchange Building – Interviews from 01.20.2015 Press Conference
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Iconic and Well-Used Dodge Street Pedestrian Bridge in Need of Repair
“I’ve been crossing that bridge my whole life,” City Councilman Pete Festersen said. “It’s an iconic structure that deserves some special attention.” Martin Janousek, an architect with Leo A Daly and a Restoration Exchange Omaha member added the bridge is a symbolic structure, a “gem for the city.” Restoration Exchange would be interested in helping the city do whatever it takes to maintain the bridge.
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Developer Tests the Market with Revival of Residential Buildings that Don’t Have Convenient Spaces for Cars
Kristine Gerber of Restoration Exchange Omaha believes also that young “preservationists” in Omaha, like counterparts in big urban cities across the country, will see the value of living in fringe areas that may not have great parking options yet are on a bus line or are within biking distance to work and play sites. “This generation ‘gets it,’ ” said Gerber. “They understand the greenest thing you can do is renovate and restore old homes and they’re willing to do that.”
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Need Pictures and Videos of Omaha Neighborhoods
Omaha is submitting a bid to Neighborhoods USA (NUSA), a national organization that highlights neighborhoods, to hold their national conference here in 2017. As part of the bid process they want to show a short video highlighting Omaha and it’s vibrant neighborhoods.
To get a great cross-section of neighborhoods and events and we need the following from you:

  • Video or still photos of past activities in your neighborhood- specifically action shots of events
  • Notification of current events (January, February, March) so they can send out a video crew to film
  • Have a neighborhood sign? Please let them know where it is located and who to contact. At the end of the video, they want to create a montage of neighborhood folks by their signs.

Send information to Margie Magnuson at magnuson1@cox.net by February 15th.

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