Saving Cultural & Historic Places

The Historic Blackstone renovated as the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel

A Message from President, Adam Andrews

As we hope is the case with all of you, over the past months Restoration Exchange Omaha has taken the time to examine who we are and how we function within our community. The call for equality and justice by the Black Lives Matter movement and the urgency of the global pandemic have both different and important ramifications on preservation. How we achieve our goal of preserving the past while realizing the greater goals of a more inclusive and healthier future is not easy. Nevertheless, in order to try to meet these challenges we realize that we must be radically different, that the way we have always done things will no longer be the way in which we go forward, and that now more than ever we must all work together in order to achieve a future worth having while respecting our history. As the only historic preservation group in our city, Omaha needs REO, and REO needs you.



Saving cultural and historic places



A community of historic authenticity, cultural character, and livability


Priority Goals: Present – 2021

  • Establishing Sustainable Financial Resources
  • Increasing Organizational Capacity
  • Physically Saving Cultural and Historic Assets

  • Strengthening Preservation Tools in our Community